Durban has everything a Tourist can look for

When we talk about the east coast of South Africa, The city highlights in our mind is Durban. This was known as port Natal when British settler found it. They brought in Indians to work for the plantation of Sugarcane. That is the reason for large Indian settlements in South Africa. If you are in South Africa, you can go to Durban by bus, train or boat. If you are out, cheap flights to Durban are available from all around the world, since the tourism industry focusing new horizons in South Africa.

Apart from seeing the places around Durban, there are a lot of other attractions which a tourist can enjoy during the trip to Durban. So Always check and plan your trip accordingly lest you miss out some festivity of your interest. In March every year international writing competition is held.  July and August are known for the international Film Festival. Meanwhile, June is the host of the World Music Festival. Horse racing event is also there in every July.  Every year in October Durban hosts International Festival of Poetry.

Apart from these, Hindu festivals are there throughout the year which keep the Durban live and tourist have a lot to enjoy. You will probably have to look for this if you want to be a pasrt of these events because they are not usually publicized.  If you are fond of water sports then Durban has enough depth to satisfy you bud. Swimming, diving, Snorkel, Surfing that all is available in plenty.

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