You Must Plan a Trip to Witness the Real African Beauty

Don’t just grab the opportunity of cheap flights from London to Accra, if you are planning holiday escape to a budget friendly tourist destination. African has much to offer, whether you move North or South. The magnificent scenery, abundant wildlife, great beaches, food and wine in the world are some of the things you can experience in Africa.

Africa can also be combined with many of other destinations, Dubai, Doha, Oman, Mauritius, Kenya and Seychelles. But if you want to explore the real Africa, then you will see that much of Africa, especially the typical tourist spots, reflects a combination of ethnic and western culture, and the infrastructure is quite interesting and attracts millions of tourists due to modern facilities. . Unlike many other countries, Southern roads are well marked and of a good standard in many parts of the country.


This famous desert is truly vast as it covers most of the country’s surface. And despite extreme conditions, flora and fauna have taken up residence braving permanent aridity, disturbed only by 100 to 200 mm of precipitation annually. In 1961 the government created the Central Kalahari Reserve duu, vast as Belgium and the Netherlands combined, and whose primary purpose was to protect the San people who lived there and not necessarily animals.

Valley of Kings

63 tombs are spread throughout the Valley of the Kings on the west bank of the Nile at the height of Thebes (ancient Luxor ). They house the tombs (hypogea) many pharaohs of the New Kingdom. The oldest known grave site is that of Thutmose I and Thutmose III from, with the exception of Akhenaten, all pharaohs are buried there. The last known grave is that of Ramses XI. You will also find some of the tombs of pharaohs wives and children, as well as noble deserving.

National Park Mount Kenya

It is dominated by the mountain of the same name, which rises to 5,199 m above sea level, making it the second highest peak in Africa. In this reserve, three zones can be distinguished: rocky peaks, Afro-alpine moorland dotted with giant vegetation and the towering mountain covered mountain forests and bamboo. Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano in activity from 3.1 million years ago to 2.6 million years BCE and then probably reach 6500 meters high.

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